A Good Report!

Today we went in for Charlie’s 5th week of Chemo. I have to say that little Charlie girl is SO smart and is getting used to all of the poking, proding, stretching, cold tables, blood pressure cuffs, “noodles” coming out of her chest, and the list goes on. The nurses each week comment that they cannot believe she doesnt make a sound when they access her port. She is a brave, brave girl.

Dr. Watts had ordered a chest x-ray today, just to see how she is doing. I was dreading this because it took 3 people to hold her down for it last time. She actually layed on the x-ray table and immediately put her hands over her head! The only other time she puts her hands over her head is to say “Hooray” or “Hallelujah”! 🙂 About 1 minute later, we were done!

Dr. Watts met with us later and said that instead of going to the maintenance protocol in 2 weeks, we would most likely be repeating the initial phase of 6 weekly chemo treatments again, just because of her lung involvement, and other organs. He then said 4 beautiful words in regards to her chest x-ray today…..”It cleared up some”! That was music to my ears. The lungs are one of the slowest organs to show healing!

God, You amaze me! I thank You for guiding the doctors, the researchers, the nurses, the lab techs. I thank you for placing this passion on their hearts. I thank You for Your Word that declares Charlie’s healing. Thank You for using a sweet 18 month old angel to bring smiles to so many sad faces at the hospital today.

Thinking back to Charlie’s x-ray, I think she knew…. it was her first “Look at me, Momma!” Hooray!! Hallelujah!!

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