Flying Pacifiers – 5/9/2011

Flying Pacifiers

It’s been awhile since I updated Charlies journal. As most of you know, our state suffered some severe tornadoes a couple of weeks ago. We were without power for a few days, and internet until a few days ago. I have no complaints. I have the sound of my children playing each day. I have my husband and my friends. My heart hurts for those who lost their homes…and their loved ones. Our prayers are with them.

Charlie had her second chemo treatment last Monday, and she did great! We recieved a bit of bad news at the visit. The results from her biopsy the week before showed that she also has LCH in her bone marrow. We are to continue with the treatments as the protocol recommends, and at the 6 week mark, will repeat all scans and another bone marrow biopsy. At that point, if changes need to be made, we will find out then.

This news had the potential to freak me out a bit, but a heart to heart with my patient husband helped me out. Bottom line. We knew Charlie needed a miracle. She still does. That hasn’t change. There is no need to worry. It does nothing to solve, heal, restore, or uplift. So we pray…and we follow the doctors advice…and we wait for our miracle.

Charlie is doing great with her treatments! She had her third one today. Blood counts are good! The only side affect we notice is she is cranky and strong willed. 🙂 We were told its the Prednisone. Thank you Prednisone, for making my sweeter than icing little girl into pickle juice! It’s not really that bad, but today at clinic, she was throwing pacifiers, sippy cups, and slapped the nurses hand when she was doing vitals. Oh, my dear Charlie….this will get better, I promise!

After her treatment, we went for Chinese food, and her fortune cookie read “Time heals all wounds. Keep your chin up.”

How fitting. For my fellow Alabamians suffering from the recent storms…keep your chin up. Our precious baby girl Charlie….keep your chin up. We love you and you are the bravest fighter I know!

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