Beautiful America

A few days ago, while at the grocery store, these 3 little firecrackers broke out in a random full version of the Pledge Of Allegiance.
They were loud.
Beautifully unaware of the pride in their voices and their posture. But it was there.

Today I am thankful for our America. The one my sweet girls call home.
The America that gives them the freedom to sing out loud in public.
The freedom to read their Bible in the morning with a biscuit.
The freedom to jump up at the crack of dawn on Sunday’s, put on their best dress and ask every 10 minutes if it’s time to go to church.
The freedom to disagree. The freedom to lock arms on a bridge in solidarity to silently say we love you.
The freedom to stand tall against injustice.
The freedom to say bedtime prayers.
Thankful that God is still blessing America.
Sometimes when the news is dreary and hearts are worried, all it takes is to look into the eyes of little ones belting out the pledge to see how beautiful America still is. image

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